Working within the corporate world of photography has given me the skills and experience needed to create professional photographs that are perfect for representing companies in their best light.


They always say you should never work with animals. But how could anyone resist? Whether you are looking for commercial photos or wanting photos of a much-loved family pet let’s get them photographed.


Are you looking for someone to create beautiful photographs of your products? Or to take photographs of your delicious food? Well, I could be just the person to help you get that perfect shot.

Family & Kids

Celebrate the wonders of your own unique family, interacting together and capturing this time in your life. Family is important and recording events whilst we are all so busy is a must.

Qualified, award winning photographer in Surrey

Covid trained with health & safety measures in place

Help the NHS with Photography without Frontiers, its a charity scheme where you give to charity and get a FREE photoshoot. Click below for more details..


Get to know your camera

Learn the functions on your camera with a step by step guide on what they are & why we use them.


More dates available soon

Camera, lighting & flash

Learn what all the setting on your camera do & work with different lighting techniques & flash.


More dates available soon

Headshots & Corporates

Learn how to take a great headshot for your profile or for your colleagues at work, it makes a difference!


More dates available soon

People, Food, Products, Flowers

Can’t decide what to photograph… then try a little bit of everything! Great all rounder to see what you like. 


More dates available soon

Photographing stuff to sell

Learn how to photograph your possessions with the best light & the right backgrounds so they sell.


More dates available soon

Photographing your family

Learn how to get the best photos of your family with lighting & posing techniques to bring the best out of them.


More dates available soon

Commercial and

Corporate Photography.

I have experience in a wide variety of photography. Which has allowed me to explore a variety of different photographic subjects, from animals to family photoshoots? I specialise in taking that perfect shot of commercial and corporate headshots. So if you need photos taken of your latest products or new headshots of your employees then I can help you with that. I run photoshoots based in Surrey across Ashstead, Leatherhead and Epsom. If you would like to know more about the services I offer, or just want to say hi, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


I hosted a Corporate Headshots day in Guildford. Why not check it out to see what photos I can take for you and your business.

Contact me.

If you would like to book an appointment or find out more please don’t hesitate to get in contact, so we can discuss what I can do for you.

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    Have we recently had a photoshoot together? Well, I’m sure you’re excited to see the photos we took together. To have a look, simply login to see which photographs take your fancy.